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        Face Masks

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        Whenever you are stepping out, it is important to keep your face covered with a mask. yourPrint offers reusable, outdoor face masks that can be customized with any picture,design,text of your choice. Social Distancing is the recommended method to protect against COVID-19 pandemic or corona virus as it is known commonly. However, there will be times when you have to step out of your home for some work and it is crucial to cover your face during this time. Wearing a FaceMask can be added with other safety steps that you will be taking to protect your health against COVID 19. The Personalized Facemasks from yourPrint are breathable and comfortable to wear.


        • Washable & Reusable
        • Layers- 2 Layers/2 Ply
        • Material- Cotton Feel Fabric
        • Dimensions- 7.5 x 4.5 Inches (Approx Printed Area)
        • Color- Customizable as per your preference

        Washing Instructions:

        • It is recommended to wash in warm to hot water with regular detergent
        • Regular washing should be done along with regular usage
        • Dry immediately after washing & make sure the mask is dry before using it

        How to Apply Face Mask?

        • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap & water ( or hand sanitizer) before touching the mask
        • Raise the Mask at the nose level & ensure nose is completely covered with the mask
        • The bottom of the mask should cover your mouth & chin
        • Once in this position, stretch & place the elastic bands around your ears

        These are not medical graded devices and are meant for personal use to stay safe, along with other safety & precautionary measures.

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